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Sleep Coach Review Your Sleep Data on the Bedside Display

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You begin by wearing the Zeo Headband each night. The headband uses our patent-pending SoftWave™ sensor technology to accurately and safely measure your unique sleep patterns through the electrical signals naturally produced by the brain. As you pass through different levels of sleep – lighter to deeper and back again – the Zeo Headband tracks how you are sleeping. Find out more about the headband.

Step 2: Review Your Sleep Data on the Bedside Display
The Zeo Bedside Display puts last night’s sleep data at your fingertips and will store up to two weeks of data for easy viewing. When you wake up, it gives you a personal sleep score – your ZQ – and shows a graph of your Light, Deep and REM sleep over the course of the night. The bedside display will also present you with information about last night’s sleep and how it compares to previous nights. The optional SmartWake™ alarm feature will look for a “natural awakening point” based on your sleep patterns to decrease the grogginess associated with waking from Deep sleep. When SmartWake is selected, Zeo will find a time to wake you within a half-hour of your set time, never later. The result should be a slightly easier way to wake up.

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Anti Sleep Alarm Drivers, Security Guards

anti-sleep alarm

The anti-sleep driving alarm for people doing all night drives as well as security guards and others we have to sit in one place for long periods of time without any stimulating interaction. The newest high tech way to stay awake is a good purchase for you whether if you ever have to drive back home after an exhausting day at work or just need to get something done and sleep is not an option. This trusty sleep alarm will keep you at full alert and is always ready to help if your head dozes off.

The value of this anti sleep alarm was fully realized by one of our customers and we would like to pass on his words: “I feel that this has the potential to save lives on the road. Long distance lorry drivers often fall asleep by driving too long hours due to pressures put on them to get the goods to their destination at certain times this item has the potential to keep them awake or at least to tell them when they are over tired and need to stop driving”.

Lorry drivers (truck drivers) are not the only ones who are able to benefit from this useful anti sleep alarm. If you are, or know, someone who falls into the following list of people, then do yourself a favor and buy this affordable unit now:

Drivers and All-night Drivers: Accidents due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel are quite common. Maybe a long and tiring day at the office has drained your energy and all you want to do is return home and sleep. Many drivers tend to not pay attention on long stretches of a boring road they know too well and without knowing it they doze off. Protect yourself and your passengers with this anti sleep alarm.

Security Guards: Your favorite NFL team might have just won the Superbowl so you went out celebrating that night. That means you slept for about 30 minutes last night, but still, you have to go to work on Monday and properly do your job, especially if you are a security guard. This anti sleep alarm will make sure your eyes are kept wide open and on the target.

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