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Weather-Resistant Outdoor HD Television 46″ in

tv weather proof

This is the high-definition television suitable for permanent installation and use outdoors. The television’s internal components are integrated into an all-weather exterior that repels rain, dirt, insects, and harsh outdoor conditions. Unlike common televisions that lose picture quality due to glare, this television has a 46″ active-matrix TFT screen with an anti-reflective window that provides indoor-quality viewing outdoors in shaded daylight. Capable of 1080i HD performance, the high-resolution screen generates an 1,920 x 1,080 pixel image with a sharp 1,500:1 contrast ratio, and is protected by a scratch-resistant, contrast-enhancing window. A quad-airflow system ensures the television stays cool, dry, and properly ventilated–even up to 122º F. A watertight entry system keeps cables dry, allowing you to connect the television to cable, a satellite dish, a DVD/BluRay player, and an antenna. The internal thermostat-controlled heater maintains proper temperature even in weather as cold as 24º F. Two 10-watt water-resistant speakers provide clear stereo sound. Includes a weather-resistant remote with rechargeable batteries, an articulating wall mount, and an outdoor dust cover.

Source:  Hammacher

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A Mirror TV Or a Television Mirror?

vanishingtv  A Mirror TV Or a Television Mirror?

vanishing tv

A Mirror TV Or a Television Mirror?
MB Quart’s Hidden Reflections™ Television Mirror system integrates an ultra-thin LCD High Definition TV cleverly built into a finely crafted mirror. Installled in some of the finest hotels and homes around the world, it the MB Quart Television Mirror a television when you want entertainment and a mirror when you don’t. An MB Quart Mirror TV can be accommodated to fit even the most challenging designs making it ideal for restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, elevators, spas, salons and beyond.

TV Mirror, TV Mirror On The Wall…
When your guests want to see only a mirror reflection, they simply deactivated or turn-off the mirror television. With a simple press of a button the TV Mirror is concealed by the mirror’s perfectly clear reflection and becomes completely undetectable. In a small area, your customers will find the functionality of the TV Mirror to be a space-saving convenience. The addition of a TV Mirror will instantly improve the status of any commercial property. An MB Quart TV Mirror is unforgettable experience.

Source:  Mbqent

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