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Multifunctional Shovel Swiss Army Knife of Digging

chinese multifunction shovel

Product Introduction:
1. Invented, designed and manufactured by army man. Combine 18 functions which makes a real miracle.
2. Combine the functions of digging, sawing, chopping, cutting, picking, prying, hammering and measuring perfectly.
3. More functions, less weight. Save your strength and time which reflects humanity.
4. Fine materials and good craft, further more, 268 process procedures and 48 inspections, make a perfect quality.
5. This product is widely used for single soldier, auto equipment, driving and camping.
6. Accompanied portable bag, which makes it portable to carry.

Source:  Ec21

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Tool Logic Credit Card Size Survival Card with Firestarter

survival tool card

A brand new shiny credit card: good. A brand new shiny credit card with an extremely high credit limit: better. A credit card survival tool that can start a fire: priceless (especially in emergency situations). If you’re venturing into the wilderness or just your own backyard, it’s nice to be well prepared. Being able to quickly and reliably start a fire is an important survival requirement.

This new Tool Logic Survival Card is packed with lifesaving features. A fixed blade serrated knife of tough AUS 8A type stainless steel, a magnesium alloy fire starter, a loud signal whistle, plus a brilliant red LED flashlight. There’s also a tweezer and toothpick and a hole for lanyard attachment. Credit card size and less than two ounces, this essential tool kit deserves a place in your car, backpack and even your home. Keep the Survival Card with you and you’ll always be prepared for life’s unforeseen emergencies.

Source:  Think Geek

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BodyGard Self-Powered 12-in-1 Emergency Tool

bodygard emergency tool

Be prepared for anything – indoor or outdoor

When venturing into the wild regions ouside the domain of suburbia, you never know what kind of situations you could encounter. A sudden storm or vehicle breakdown can easily turn into a much more hazardous situation. Even within the cozy confines of home or office, a power failure or emergency can quickly develop, leaving you cut-off.

The BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool is 12-in-1 unit featuring a built-in hand crank, so you can generate power when you need, wherever you need it. Never worry about batteries for your flashlight or radio. Never worry about charging your cell phone and MP3 player. The flashing red light, panic button and motion activated security alarm help to protect you from harm – at home, while biking, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and boating. If you get lost, the compass and signaling mirror can help you find your way or lead others to find you. There’s even a built-in storage compartment for pills, matches and other small items.

The BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool also has a FM radio with easy-to-read LED display with backlighting and automatic scan function. Perfect for listening to emergency broadcasts and weather during crisis situations.

  • Powerful Hand Crank to Generate Power
  • Super-Bright LED Flashlight
  • Red Emergency Flasher
  • Digital FM Radio
  • Panic Button with piercing sonic alarm
  • Motion Activated Security Alarm
  • Easy to Read Compass
  • Signaling Mirror
  • Handy Storage Compartment
  • Cell Phone Charging Output
  • AC Charging Adapter Input
  • Adjustable Lanyard
  • Water Resistant
  • Dimensions: 3” x 2” x 5.5”
  • Weight: 8.1 oz

Source:   Think Geek

Popularity: 2% [?]

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