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GPS Tracking and Anti theft Dog Collar

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If you think your dog is special then so do we. Over three years of research and development we have designed a product that outperforms every other tracking product in this sector.

If you have ever wondered why:

  • most other dog trackers are only shower proof rather than waterproof (strange, but true)
  • or why they hang limply beneath your dog’s head and away from the necessary GPS signal
  • or only last a day before needing to be recharged (assuming you remember)
  • or may not send location data straight to your mobile phone
  • or it won’t create safe areas whenever you want without having to find a computer first
  • or be easily removed and discarded by anyone with a mind to do it

…then so were we. Then we realised that other people were just trying to sell technology and didn’t understand the real problems faced by dog owners.

So we decided to look at the problem from the perspective of the dog and its owner and the outcome was the Retrieva GPS tracking and anti-theft collar. It is carefully designed, practical, lockable, and waterproof and will find your dog for you as well as protect it from the risk of theft. It is not just an ugly tracking box with no energy and very few tricks.

The Retrieva™ collar can send your dog’s location straight to the palm of your hand and plot itself on digitally enhanced topographical mapping (available for most phones) or Google maps, report to computers armed with satellite mapping, talk to friends and family, or in fact communicate virtually anywhere you like.

It will not only tell you where your dog is but even let you know if your dog decides to leave home and take an unscheduled walk. And because having to recharge something every day is impractical and most likely to be forgotten when you need it the most, our collar is designed with a power management system that extends the intervals between recharging to a likely to 5-7 days in normal use.

Finally, the collar is very difficult to remove by someone not authorised to do so, and if an attempt is made it has enough sense to tell you about it. And because we know that your dog needs you as much as you need them we have designed a personal panic button on to the buckle. So should you ever feel lost, hurt or threatened whilst out walking your dog you know that friends and family can quickly find you both.

Source:  Retrieva Tracking

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