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Stainless Steel Auto Trash Bin

auto trash bin

Lid goes up…lid goes down…lid goes up…lid goes down…hee, hee, hee. You know, even when the novelty wears off playing with your Stainless Steel Auto-Bin (if that’s possible) – your purchase will still be totally justified. Why? Because the Stainless Steel Auto Bin is a genuinely smart appliance.

The lid is fitted with an intelligent sensor – when you simply wave your hand (or whatever other body part is available) above the sensor on the lid – the lid will open for you to deposit your rubbish and of course, close again as well.

That means, you’ll never have to touch the bin – and that means less germs! It may also mean that the kids will actually start picking up after themselves.

This hands-free, feet-free rubbish receptacle will revolutionise your kitchen or office. Not only has it got smarts, it’s got style – with modern, clean stainless steel looks. You don’t even have to use it to store rubbish – think what a trendy laundry basket it makes.

With no pedals or buttons to operate, the Stainless Steel Auto-Bin is an excellent device for anyone with a disability.

With either a 30L or 42L capacity it’ll take standard bin liners…and it’ll happily run on the included rechargeable battery or mains power supply – helping you reduce the cost (and inconvenience) of replacing batteries.

If you’re ready to chuck your bacteria-infested, so-last-century bin – get a Stainless Steel Auto-Bin – so good, it makes the others look like rubbish (now, if only they could come up with a self-opening stubby – you’d be laughing!).

Lid goes up…lid goes down…hee hee, hours of entertainment, brilliant!

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BURRI Public Bin – waste management system

public bin

BURRI Public Bin (patent) provides the functional design for versatile deployment in parks and in the urban context. Public Bin can be opened easily from both sides. Thanks to an adjustable cushioning cylinder the bin tilts slowly into the removal position due to its high dead weight (3 mm stainless steel/CNS).

The inner container can be removed and emptied easily. The container locks automatically when pushed back. In order to separate waste, combinations of 2, 3 or 4 bins and even the inclusion of dog waste bag dispensers on the same supporting tube is possible. Public Bin can be mounted simply on the wall or onto asts. Design, material and surfaces reduce upkeep to a minimum.

Source:  Burriag

Popularity: 3% [?]

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