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Pet’s Eye View Camera

dogwebcam  Pet’s Eye View Camera

When you’re sitting at work, we all reckon that the dog has a better life. Until now, there’s been no way to find out if this is actually true, or just the ramblings of stress. Does your canine pal spend the day napping on your armchair, or is he firing up the Xbox and slaying space marines, drinking your beers and calling in rabbit pizzas? OK, so the last bit is probably the stress talking. But don’t you want to know for sure? The Pet’s Eye View Camera is how you find out.

It’s a lightweight digital camera that attaches to your furry friend’s collar, and takes photos at timed intervals of five, ten or fifteen minutes. You’ll be able to see just what they’ve been getting up to, from the mundane (eating, sleeping) to the bizarre (sniffing the cat’s particulars, chasing flies across the kitchen).

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Solar and Wind Power Wireless Cameras

solarwind2  Solar and Wind Power Wireless Cameras

Our NEW Eco-Freindly camera range includes solar powered cameras, solar powered speed domes, wind powered cameras, wind powered speed domes and combined solar and wind powered models too.

All the Eco-Freindly camera range are wireless and are available with an 800 metre range WiFi model for direct Internet or LAN network connection, and certain models can also be fitted with conventional wireless connection too.
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With our Eco-Freindly solar and wind power IP cameras you can easily and
quickly install remotely monitored and controlled cameras, which you can
view from anywhere in the world, in areas with no power, and have full
funcionality as if it were a mains powered and hard wired camera connected
to your CCTV system.

Another use is for rapid deployment of CCTV or temporary installations for
shows and other events and venues. The cost saving over buying and
installing a hard wired system for temporary or remote locations is immense
and once you have finished with it at one location you simply move it to the

Our solar and wind powered Eco-Freindly cameras will operate up to 800
metres from the nearest wireless access point Internet connection without
boosters and with boosters the range can be continually extended.

How They Work

Our solar and wind powered cameras work by using renewable resources to
power the cameras directly and also charge its system battery for contnued
use when the power source may not be available for a time e.g. when the
sun sets.

Solar powered cameras use large high grade solar panels to provide power
and charge the batteries and wind powered cameras use an efficient 5 blade
wind turbine toperform the same task.

By using a combination of solar and wind you really get the best from the
natural resources to charge and run the camera system. As either mode
(solar or wind power) can fully charge the batteries under normal conditions,
by using both methods you are virtually guaranteed continued reliable
operation under all weather conditions. Depending on battery capacity
selected, you would need a very prolonged period (days) of total darkness
with no wind before the solar and wind powered camera would cease to

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The ideal monitoring software for home and small business

Introducing Vitamin D Video. Our easy-to-use software brings professional-grade video monitoring to anyone with a webcam or network camera. Know exactly what you’ve missed without scanning hours of video.

Our single camera version is free.

The ideal monitoring software for home and small business

Vitamin D Video detects people and moving objects in video streams for security and monitoring purposes. It runs on a PC or Mac, and uses off-the-shelf USB webcams or network (IP) cameras.
For the first time, professional performance with real-time alerts is available to everyone.

Source:  Vitamin D Inc

Popularity: 3% [?]

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