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Wifi Hacker Adapter

high power wifi

This Adapter  is a Hacker Adapter, it can break user name and password , access to the Internet by the wireless Router in the LAN.  It is very easy to use, and high power.

1.ISM 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g
2. Support   DSSS/OFDM
3. SMA interface match different High power ANT
4.11/54 wireless SMA [Adjustable by S/W]
5. Actually Speed Max. 22Mbps
6. Adapter receive distance Max. 5600M????
7.Power output 50MW to 800MV[ auto adjust ]
8.Adopt  frindly Web management Manue
9.Working Temperature 0°C  to 55°C
10.Control MAC address
11. 152bit WEP encryption
12.Support 802.1X certification
13. Support  CE,LINUX,MAC.OS.VISTA, computer system.
Source:  Easymansecu

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Point To Point WiFi Antenna Up To 3 Miles Away

point to point wifi antenna

point to point internet sharing illustration 1000x745  Point To Point WiFi Antenna Up To 3 Miles Away

This 15 dBi antenna is the best antenna we tested for point to point applications over long distances. In our tests, it provided a much stronger signal than other yagis claiming the same gain, and at half the size. This compact antenna has a narrow beam width (16 degrees horizontal/21 degrees vertical) that directs the WiFi signal and helps to prevent interference with your neighbors? equipment or with their permission you can log onto theirs. It’s called sharing. The antenna is made of precision cast aluminum alloy, and protected with a durable, powder coat finish, and the design presents very little wind resistance. We are currently using two Point To Point Wi-Fi Antennas for a connection over three miles away. This antenna works best with a clear line of sight. Size: 11.8″ x 15.75″. N Female connector.

Source: CCrane

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